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The time has come to start the campaign for Chile to have a New Constitution.

As feminists, social, territorial, socio-environmental organizations, settlers, students, workers of different ages, cities, towns and experiences, we have come together to promote the campaign for approval (“Apruebo”) in the exit plebiscite elections of this September 4th.

We are summoned by the sense of unity, affection and life that is in all our hearts ♥ ️ and that is also at the foundations of this New Constitution that advances towards good living for everyone.

We have fought for decades for decent pensions, free and non-sexist public education, for a health system that does not distinguish between rich and poor, for the right to water and the protection of nature, for ending the centralism of an extensive and diverse Chile, for the right to care and be cared for, for transforming the justice system,  for ending corruption, impunity and a political system that does not respond to the demands of ordinary people, for advancing women’s rights and LGBTIQ+ rights and for a plurinational democracy that recognizes parity.

Today, the owners of Chile and groups that want to maintain their privileges are raising massive disinformation campaigns, filled with hate speech and attacks against the Constitutional Convention, as well as the Constitutional text that is being redacted. They know that the New Constitution is a step that will allow us to build a more just and egalitarian society, putting at risk their privileges over land, goods and wealth.

The New Constitution is not an end in itself: It is a historic opportunity to initiate profound changes long for, an emancipatory opportunity that the people through revolt have achieved. That is why ours will be a campaign of hope. A hope that is not naïve, because it stems from the confidence in a path of transformation that we began walking almost three years ago in the streets and squares of our country. A hope in our strength and tenacity, present and future to continue advancing until dignity becomes customary.

To make this possible -which we started from Constituent Social movements-, as Coordinadora Feminista 8M we are doing a public, popular and transparent financing campaign to raise the necessary funds for impressions, information  activities and popular education around the new constitution, public acts, propaganda in radios, networks and media, stickers, badges, t-shirts and everything that we can share and distribute nationwide to join the great tide of people coming together for the approval (Apruebo).

We start this campaign by trusting in the power of cross-border solidarity and mutual support that is built from below and with many hands. We hope to be able to finance this campaign with contributions of all sizes and possibilities that when added will sustain this collective process with autonomy and affection.



¿What is Movimientos Sociales Constituyentes (MSC)?

We are a coordination of movements, organizations, territorial assemblies, unions and groups that have organized ourselves to participate and accompany the constituent process inside and outside the Constitutional Convention.

Among the spaces that make up MSC, there are:

* Coordinadora Feminista 8M
* MODATIMA (Movimiento por la Defensa del Agua, las Tierras y el Medio Ambiente)
* Coordinadora Social de Magallanes
* Coordinadora territorial Wallpen
* Coordinadora Nahuelbuta Constituyente
* Coordinadora Feminista de Punta Arenas
* Asamblea Los Pinos
* ANAMURI (Asociación Nacional de Mujeres Rurales e Indígenas)
* Movimiento Independientes del Norte


Campaign in action

Below we share some of the actions, materials and dissemination strategies.


♥️ Graphic material:

* Design and printing in poster format, pamphlets, stickers, badges, pennants and t-shirts with the logo APRUEB♥️

* Design and printing of pedagogical graphic material for the dissemination of the contents of the New Constitution

* Website design apruebonuevaconstitución.cl

All the material we design is open access for reproduction in various media and formats.  Everything we produce will be distributed with organizations and groups that need them.


♥️ Social Networks:

* Permanent update social networks:

* Twitter: https://twitter.com/AprueboCorazon

* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AprueboNuevaConstitucion

* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/apruebo__nuevaconstitucion

* Forums and Live streaming about the New Constitution.


♥️ Audiovisual campaign:

* Photographs and videos of campaign activities for distribution and online viralization.

* Production of informative and pedagogical videos on the New Constitution.


♥️ Public and territorial activities:

* Territorial deployment in town halls and informative assemblies on the New Constitution throughout the country.

* Cultural events in different cities.

* Door to door informing in each territory about the New Constitution.


♥️ International support:

* Interviews for Chilean media.

* Photos and video capsules of international supports.

* Declaration “1000 intellectuals of the world support the new Constitution for Chile”.

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